GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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At Germantown Academy, students are challenged, supported, 并以多种方式参与其中,从而获得一种转型的学习体验. 他们毕业时的个人能力远远超出了他们的想象.

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Sue Negro 1760 Announces Retirement

It’s a fact that nothing means more to Sue Negro 1760 than her family. Immediate, GA, overseas, or other, 家庭是她在GA成功任职25年的最大因素. She is a skillful leader who will retire in June; an Upper School math teacher whose style, knowledge, and experience reflects the countless hours she has put into her craft.

Sound Art by Third Grade is Everywhere!

三年级的学生在美术课上做了一个可能是他们迄今为止最有趣的项目! Keeley Jennings based this unit off American sculptor and dancer Nick Cave. 凯夫最初创造了他独特的艺术形式来代表一种“盔甲”."


Experiential learning is staple of a Germantown Academy education. From students in the Lower School learning African dances, to Upper Schoolers completing their senior projects in the community, students are gaining knowledge in and out of the classroom. For the 7th Grade class and 8th Grade volunteers, 这个体验式学习项目包括前往诺里斯敦的达文波特小学.

Patriot Posts

Family STEAM Night Offers Transformative Learning Experiences

家庭STEAM之夜是一个由学生主导的活动,社区成员了解并参与了各种与科学相关的活动, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 重点介绍了GA低年级的TinkerLab所探索的课程和技术, 但这也是一个合作的机会,展示了跨中高年级的垂直整合.

Identifying Identity

Sarah Na最近在家长委员会会议上主持了一个关于身份认同的研讨会, 然后在高年级监督了一个类似的活动,学生领袖们在那里进行了同伴促进的讨论. She answers questions about the activity – Step In, Step Out - and why she felt it was impactful and important.

A Leader in Engagement


vwin德赢娱乐的教师已经与我们的学生交往了260多年, how and why we seek to engage have evolved dramatically since our founding. Teachers and students now have equal, instant access to facts and content. 尽管教师不再是唯一拥有打开知识世界的钥匙的人, 在吸引我们的孩子走向那个世界的过程中,有天赋的人仍然是不可或缺的. 我们的教师表现出真诚的热爱与他们的学生一起学习. This is 21st century engagement.


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126 Acres of Opportunity


2017 - 2021届的664名成员被选入美国和国外的183所不同的学院和大学.



GA's four all-weather turf fields make us a leader among regional schools.




GA's Middle School hosts more than 20 different clubs, including student government, Art Club, Green Ambassadors, Karaoke, and Coding.


vwin德赢娱乐最初于1759年在费城的日耳曼敦地区成立. GA's current campus in Fort Washington opened in 1964.


GA举办与中国国家的高中学生和教师的vwin德赢娱乐项目, Poland, England, Spain, France and Germany.


Annually, 375+ students from all three divisions play an instrument, from lessons on campus to performing in bands and orchestras.